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Dabwood cartsĀ  gives a light, piney taste to it . This particular flavor that we picked up gives more of a piney taste rather than pineapple. Moreover, Dabwoods do give somewhat of a backwoood taste to it. Moreover, it gives off a wood/oak like taste to it. This could be because of the wooden tip, but overall the flavor is sweet and smooth, giving a good mixture of terpenes.

The ceramic cartridge with the hardwood tip is something that Dabwoods takes great pride in. It is quite effective and does provide excellent comfort for the lips. The cartridge did initially appear to resemble a CCELL. Contrary to an original CCELL, however, this cartridge lacks labelling and has a plastic ring rather than a clear one covering the atomizer. They are not trying to copy anything, thus it is not a phony CCELL either; it is only a clone. In any case, the cartridge delivers relaxing and simple hits.

Dabwoods vape cart

Using Dabwoods Pineapple produces a relaxed high. The hybrid flavor we purchased produces a pleasant and calming high. The high isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be and it passes quickly. In our experience, it may not be as potent, but it still provides incredibly calming and smooth hits.

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